mercredi 17 novembre 2010

New standard

everybody eat pizza, everybody eat cheeseburgers
so the next logical step is to mix them!
it been done before, but we think it's
the beggining of a new standard.
here is a quick one we made up this summer,
it was good but.. nothing extravagant.


the mix of spices for the beef patty

always use good spices for your beef

the new standard buns for fat food crack heads

pizza party

a real man cooks his meat on a grill

prepare to eat, spice/sauce decision is up to you

that shit was good

never forget a cold drink!
pepsi/cola is stongly recommended!


Here is our first post

it consists of :

Keiser Breads (the italians one with cheese and shit)
Huge beef patty
Cheese sticks
Onion rings
Cheese curds
Velveeta cheese slice
Fine cuts of grilled dried tomato turkey

to be honest, it's the best fuckin cheeseburger we've ever had.

the ingredients

the buns (so fresh they sticked to the fingers)

beef patty's (with a secret mix of bbq sauce and rickards steak spices)

anatomy of a monster

that dude is stocked, excited, and sexy at the time

only professionals can handle burgers and hats like that

and the other jew (who is so popular here in Quebec that we have to photoshop his identity)

ps; we will use real cameras and shit for the next post.
for that one we only had our iphone


After so many years of dedication to the art of meat and greasy food cooking, we truly found ourselves being masters of the grillz. We LIVE for the grillz, we would DIE for the grillz.
We reached taste paradise, enjoyed burgers so delicious someone would kill his wife to taste one.
After all these rituals of culinary orgys we decided to let the mere mortals know how good they looked and started a blog so they could try to be food professionals like us.

you can always join us at